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Department of Educational Technology
Boise State University

Kenya Adventure


Jambo! You and three travel companions are about to embark on a trip to Kenya. As you travel, you will explore five Kenyan destinations to study the various ecosystems, people, economy, and wildlife. Your tour will include visits to Nairobi, Kisii, Kendu Bay on Lake Victoria, Lake Nakuru, and Keekorok, entrance to the world famous Masai Mara.

When you are done with the tour, you will create a travel brochure for a popular travel agency featuring points of interest from each of the five sites.

Your first assignment is to visit the U.S. State Department to view any travel warnings. Use the interactive map below to locate your five destinations. Are any of the destinations considered high-risk? If so, identify the risk(s) and summarize your findings in a one paragraph statement to your travelers.

The virtual tour activity will conclude with a tourist brochure using this rubric.

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