Web 2.0 for Teachers

Department of Educational Technology
Boise State University

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Whether writing, presenting, or speaking, schools can use the Internet to showcase student achievement and encourage teacher collaboration. According to Liana Heitin, students interact more with digital writing outside the classroom (2011, pg 34). Instead of waiting to catch up, teachers can incorporate easy to use online tools that allow for student expression to a wider audience.



There are many opportunities to publish student writing. For collaborative efforts, students and staff alike can share documents and edit them in real time. Teachers can begin a wiki on a weekly topic and create a whole-class product. Another way to journal is through blogs, where students can add design, video, and images to emphasize their writing.


Similar to writing, oral delivery can be intimidating. With Web 2.0 tools, the delivery can be practiced, timed, and edited prior to delivery, thus reducing anxiety so that students can focus on the content.


Multimedia has long been a student favorite for presetations. Web 2.0 tools enhance that presentation further. With so many options, why wait?


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