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Copyright and the Internet WebQuest

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Department of Educational Technology
Boise State University



This presentation is made for junior high students at Salmon River High School

Watch the video of Monica and Jessi as they choose between writing a research paper and going to the beach. After watching the video think about what your choice might have been.



Plagiarism is using somebody's intellectual or artistic work without asking or giving credit where credit is due. Sometimes plagiarism is unintentional, and there are many ways words, images, videos, or even ideas can be plagiarized by neglecting to cite the originator.

This WebQuest will help you understand the issues surrounding plagiarism in hopes that it will make you a better writer.

  1. Salmon River Joint School District's Fair Use Policy outlines the expectations for students and staff when performing research. As you read through each requirement, think about why it is a part of the policy. Reflect on how you would feel, or what you might lose, if a classmate copied your work and submitted it, claiming it as his or her own. ANSWER
  2. What is one way you can proceed if you are unable to obtain permission to use a copyright work? ANSWER
  3. What is attribution? Creative Commons ANSWER
  4. What is the difference between a Creative Commons source and a copyright source? ANSWER
  5. When might you consider purchasing another person's text and using it as your own? ANSWER
  6. What would you tell a friend who is considering purchasing her term paper online? ANSWER
  7. You have just finished a full page essay for your online Spanish instructor. What advice would you give a fellow student who wants to copy your assignment for his online Spanish course (you don't have the same teacher) ANSWER
  8. Explore four of the links on the Green Light page to determine proper citing techniques and bookmark resources for your next online research assignment. ANSWER
  9. Check two of your personal documents for plagiarism(from your my documents folder) using DocCop. Print or save the results. ANSWER
  10. Now that you're more aware of what plagiarism is, have you ever unintentionally plagiarized others or yourself? ANSWER



Using a presentation editor of your choice from the list below, create a summary that provides four common types of plagiarism, two online citation resources, and correctly displays citations for the following online sources




When complete, submit your responses and your link to your presentation site via e-mail to your Voice Thread.