Module II

Define, Evaluate, & Compare Radicals & Integer Exponent

Math & MoreMoodle Module 2 - Expressions & Equations


Review of exponents moving into base 10 number system favorite!

History of base 10 number system




Work Sheet 2.01


Using the Internet and your choice of word processing or presentation software, research the base 10 number system and choose one other base system not including hex (base 16) or binary (base 2). Convert any 10 numbers from one system to the next. Create a vidcast or Prezi with your results. Share the URL in the discussion forum.

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Radicals & Integer Exponents

Radicals and exponents have been making math easier for about 3500 years. The Babylonians are said to have used a base 60 number would one do mental math? I'm so glad the Egyptians set them straight a few centuries later