Module III

Graphing Linear Equations & Inequalities

Math & MoreMoodle Module 3 - Functions


System of Linear Equations - two or more linear equations.

Linear Inequality - replacing the = sign with a <, >, <, >



Work Sheet 3.05



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Solving Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities

(Video 1) You can find a solution to a system of linear equations by graphing each equation on the same coordinate plane and identifying the point(s) of intersection.

If the lines are parallel, there is no point of intersection, so there is no solution.

Try it: solve and graph

y=3x +1; y=3x-2

(remember to start by setting first y to 0, then x to 0, then use a logical number to solve for x (or y) a second time.)

If the graphs are on the same line, all points on the line are solutions, so there is an infinite number of solutions.

Try it: solve and graph

y=2x-4; 2x-y=4

(Video 2) The graph of a linear inequality is a region of the coordinate plane bounded by a line, Therefore ever point on the region is a solution of the inequality.