Science & Technology Collaboration

This is a ThinkQuest collaboration between the science and video production classes. (All science courses are eligible paired with photo/video production.) This course is designed to teach secondary math instructors about a variety of instructional software and their purposes.


This course is designed with the International Society for Technology in Education NETS standards for administrators, teachers, and students.


Lesson Description and Objectives:





Reflect -





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What You Need to be Successful

  • Materials - Computer - PC or Mac with multimedia capabilities, headphones, printer.
  • Software - Presentation, Word Processing, and Spreadsheet (can be open source).
  • Time Management - Deadlines approach quickly - don't wait until the last minute to get the job done!




About Your Instructor

Mrs. Brimacomb

Stefanie Brimacomb is a multi-endorsed math, business, and computer teacher in a remote Idaho town where online learning is essential to provide students a competitive education. Mrs. Brimacomb serves as the IT Coordinator for Salmon River Joint School District in addition to her duties as classroom teacher

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