Safety on The Internet

The Internet has opened our world and provided a portal to information that was unimaginable

just twenty years ago. It has opened exciting possibilities in science and industry, education, and social interactions. It has brought down walls between gender, race, religion, and age. With the potential for discovery comes a potential for danger. Malware, fraud, and predators abound. The following video was made to remind students, teachers and parents that the best protection is following safe surfing practices.

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Read the Student's Guide to Publishing by Josten's



You can keep your children safe by knowing what they are viewing, what information they are providing

in the way of forms and subscriptions, and who are their online friends. Watch Protect Teens by

Idaho's Attorney General with your teen and discuss the safety issues presented.



You can help your students learn safe Internet Practices using CyberSmart curriculum developed by

and offered as a free resource to teachers of all grade levels k-12.


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What You Need to be Successful

  • Materials - Computer - PC or Mac with multimedia capabilities, headphones, printer.
  • Software - Presentation, Word Processing, and Spreadsheet (can be open source).
  • Time Management - Deadlines approach quickly - don't wait until the last minute to get the job done!




About Your Instructor

Mrs. Brimacomb

Stefanie Brimacomb is a multi-endorsed math, business, and computer teacher in a remote Idaho town where online learning is essential to provide students a competitive education. Mrs. Brimacomb serves as the IT Coordinator for Salmon River Joint School District in addition to her duties as classroom teacher

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