EdTech 554:

Managing Tech Integration

Instructor Elisabeth Silver

Course Description and Objectives

This class promoted exploring strategies for planning and implementing technology integration (teaching and curriculum focus) at an organizational level, including examination of larger scale professional development models. The course focused on developing skills for taking a leadership role in district technology use planning, implementation, and assessment (Syllabus, 2011).

By the end of the semester I had:

  • Examined the leadership role of the technology director
  • Analyzed, evaluated and become familiar with my district’s technology plan by articulating the vision, goals and objectives
  • Developed the skills and knowledge to support data-driven decision making to improve instruction
  • Recognized and discussed issues regarding digital equity in the classroom
  • Collaboratively constructed a software rubric
  • Planned and designed a staff development workshop that encourages teachers to integrate technology into the classroom to improve student learning.
  • AECT Standards

    For standards mapping to completed course artifacts, please select from the list below.


    Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to design conditions for learning by applying principles of instructional systems design, message design, instructional strategies, and learner characteristics.

    • 1.1 Instructional Systems Design
    • 1.2 Message Design
    • 1.3 Instructional Strategies
    • 1.4 Learner Characteristics


    Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to develop instructional materials and experiences using print, audiovisual, computer-based, and integrated technologies.

    • 2.1 Print Technologies
    • 2.2 Audiovisual Technologies
    • 2.3 Computer-based Technologies
    • 2.4 Integrated Technologies


    Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to use processes and resources for learning by applying principles and theories of media utilization, diffusion, implementation, and policy-making.


    Candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions to plan, organize, coordinate, and supervise instructional technology by applying principles of project, resource, delivery system, and information management.

    • 4.1 Project Management
    • 4.2 Resource Management
    • 4.3 Delivery System Management
    • 4.4 Information Management


    Candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions to evaluate the adequacy of instruction and learning by applying principles of problem analysis, criterion-referenced measurement, formative and summative evaluation, and long-range planning.

    • 5.1 Problem Analysis
    • 5.2 Criterion-Referenced Measurement
    • 5.3 Formative and Summative Evaluation
    • 5.4 Long-Range Planning


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    What You Need to be Successful

    Computer - PC or Mac with multimedia capabilitieis

    Software - Adobe Web and Graphics Suite, Presentation, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Open Source

    Time Management - Deadlines approach quickly - don't wait until the last minute to get the job done!


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