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Stefanie Brimacomb, M.Ed.
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I enrolled in the Boise State Master of Educational Technology Program in the Summer of 2011 and finished in May of 2013, adding to my bachelors degree in Business Administration from Boise State University College of Business and Economics (COBE), a bachelors degree in Business Education, a masters degree in Human Resource Training and Development from Idaho State University. As of this publication (2013), I have taught in a rural school district in Riggins, Idaho for 11 years and held the IT position for five years. My time with the M.E.T. program has been of great benefit to my employer and me. While enrolled in BSU's EdTech courses, I have learned much about online course design and online learning and I have gained new technology skills. Above all, I have gained a sense of camaraderie with my fellow EdTech classmates and instructors. Boise State Univeristy EdTech courses truly facilitate a global community of learners that extends into my face-to-face classrooms and have changed my world view.


Candidates in the M.E.T. program create a portfolio as a culminating activity. This portfolio highlights my course projects and how they align to the AECT Standards for the Accreditation of School Media Specialist and Educational Technology Programs. In addition to the course mapping, this portfolio provides links to my rationale paper and my reflection video. I look forward to further developing the skills and knowledge in network administration, instructional design, course development, and innovative use of emerging technologies as I continue into the Ed.D. program.

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What You Need To Be Successful

Computer - PC or Mac with multimedia capabilities
Software - Adobe Web and Graphics Suite, Presentation, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Open Source
Time Management - Deadlines approach quickly - don't wait until the last minute to get the job done!

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Stefanie Brimacomb

Stefanie Brimacomb is a multi-endorsed math, business, and computer teacher in a remote Idaho town where online learning is essential to provide students a competitive education.

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